Persevere Through the Present ..
Plan for the Future!
  • Your company has most likely taken on a "survival strategy" during this recession.
  • With sales revenue down, you probably increased your focus on short-term cost reduction.
  • You may be taking on lower margin work. 
  • Maybe you tried to diversify your market. 
  • You just want to get through this recession... 
  • Now though is the time for your company to revamp its tactics in the pursuit of mid- to long-term goals and to position itself to take advantage of the next up cycle.
Why Now?
  • Surviving as a business today is a tremendous challenge.
  • Less apparent is are the actions the most successful firms are actually doing to address this challenge.
  • This is where the Act Group comes in.
  • We owned our successful businesses. Solved our business problems. We can help solve yours.
  • We have the knowledge to make you very successful and literally transform your business. 
How Can You Afford a Consultant?
  • By successfully implementing our recommendations, you will realize a financial gain of three to five times our fee. We guarantee it! There is no fine print.
  • Working with you, we will clearly articulate how you will be better off when we complete our work.
  • The Act Group then develops a project-based fee with you (unlike many consultants that bill on any hourly rate).
  • With a project-based fee, you will know exactly what is to be spent; there are no surprises.  The " meter is never running."
  • You do not have to worry each time our help is requested that we will be charging you (for example, in six minute increments as some other professions do).
If you ask yourself any of these questions, we can help your business:  
  • Why didnít we reach our revenue goals?
  • Why are our marketing objectives always coming up short?
  • Why donít we have a culture of business success?
  • Why havenít we been able to build a brand as we believe we can?
  • Why havenít we improved our repeat business rate?
  • Why havenít we been able to implement plans even though we keep saying they are a priority?
  • Why hasnít the new accounting, marketing or HR system worked as well as we might have liked?  

Contact us today at 419-885-8159 to discuss how the Act Group can improve your company.