The Act Group senior staff includes Dick Bauer. Managing Consulting Member

Dick Bauer, CPA, was President, CEO and owner of a manufacturing business for 20 years. He has 15+ years of experience as a consultant and business owner advisor. Additional staff possess capabilities including general management, facility management, organizational performance and efficiency, and international business.

Dick’s strong financial and CPA background gives him a clear understanding of the business importance and use of financial statements, profitability concepts, budgets, cash flow, and cost containment programs. With his extensive experience in manufacturing, Dick is as comfortable inspecting factory operations in a hard hat with his sleeves rolled up, as he is in a suit sitting behind his desk analyzing financial statements. Correspondingly, he is experienced in analyzing operational processes and skillfully implementing efficiency changes as well as in reading “between the lines” of financial reports.

Seasoned and disciplined through education and experience, Dick brings his counsel to both entrepreneurs and experienced business leaders. He has the ability to relate to a wide variety of clients, intuitively perceiving their level of understanding of business concepts. He begins where they are and brings them gently forward. When he sees a question in his listener’s eyes, the teacher in Dick comes out. He adds diagrams, pictures and analogies to the explanation to help the client understand the importance of taking action in a certain direction.

His own companies, which he led from the late 1960s to early 1990s, expanded to international markets; he has used this experience to assist client companies to think globally. A world traveler, Dick frequently engages in negotiations with principals from other countries on behalf of his US-based clients. For several years, Dick has been a member of the World Business Council. He has served as a delegate to the White House Conference on Small Business as well as the National Advisory Council of the SBA. In 1983, Dick was awarded honor SBA Man of the Year.

A life-long Toledo resident, Dick graduated from Bowling Green State University and later earned his MBA at the University of Toledo. He has been CEO of four successful companies in Toledo and raised his family here. Dick and his wife Carol have a daughter Dana, and a son Douglas who shares his father’s love of adventure in the outdoors. Dick and Carol enjoy traveling, fitness, and living in Toledo.

Business Consultant