Case Studies

Machine Fabrication Company - The new owner of a 25-year old company hired the Act Group as senior business advisors to identify and correct performance gaps in the firm. The owner had created a culture of cooperation and competitive spirit in the company. However, the company was behind in sales and profit goals. The Act Group provided guidance to the owner in areas of business planning and execution, strategy development and implementation, organizational design, leadership performance improvement, management team building, and succession planning.

Based on prioritization of the client’s needs (done in concert with the client), the first assignment was to find ways, both organizationally and with internal processes, to increase revenue. This entailed interviewing personnel in the sales and accounting departments, which resulted in the identification of approximately twelve recommendations. One key recommendation addressed re-structuring of the sales team into specific roles. In essence, this was to get everyone in the “right seat on the bus.” Other recommendations addressed interactions between the sales and accounting teams; internal communication of the status of jobs; and steps to reduce waste in their processes.

By setting performance and accountability standards and expectations, costs due to inefficiencies, poor communication, and “dropped balls” are expected to decrease considerably and revenue increase. The Act Group periodically monitors the client’s progress to ensure that the changes are instilled in the company.
Land Acquisition Support - Act Group assisted a client in acquiring a parcel of land in northwest Ohio to build a new facility for a business, which at that time, was located in the City of Toledo. The Act Group reviewed various economic development incentive programs offered by all levels of government and by utilities companies. These included programs such as SBA loans, Link Deposit loans, Ohio 166 Direct Loans, Ohio Investment tax credits, Job Creation Tax credits, Enterprise Zone Tax Abatement, CRA Tax Abatement, and EDLC loans for equipment. Based on our findings, the client was able to make informed decisions on how best to structure their building project.
ISO Certification - A second-tier supplier to the automotive industry hired Act Group to assist with developing an ISO program. The client had been given the option to become ISO 9001-2000 certified or risk the losing their business. Act Group personnel are trained in certification for ISO implementation and internal-auditor responsibilities. Correspondingly, we developed and implemented the ISO programs, resulting in the retention of all business for our client. 
Transportation and Logistics Company - Act Group prepared a Business Plan and associated application for a client as part of a request for a $2.7M loan from the U. S. Department of Agriculture to upgrade a client facility in South Carolina. The client is a third party logistics provider of supply-chain services and integrated-logistics solutions. The facility was being expanded to accommodate the growth associated with two significant contracts which the client held. The requested loan funds were to be used for recruiting and training 150 new employees, facility improvements, new equipment purchases, technology upgrades and working capital.

The fast-track completion of the plan necessitated a dynamic process to prepare the various components of the plan; Act Group worked closely with the client, essentially constantly in communication, and took on more and more responsibility from the client to ensure that the plan was completed on schedule. The business plan detailed how the loan monies would be used to improve operational capabilities, create jobs, and add to the local economy and vitality of the community. 
Plastic Recycling Company - A confidential client engaged the Act Group to develop a business plan for the purchase and operation of an extrusion/filtration process that would enhance a plastic-scrap recycling process. The plan was to be submitted as part of a competitive proposal to an international company. The Act Group joined the client in the presentation of the business plan to the buyer. Of the four business plans submitted to the buyer, the contract was awarded to the Act Group’s client. The search for an extruder/filtration system ended in Belgium where we were instrumental in locating and negotiating for the purchase of a $1,000,000 process system. Subsequent operational cost and data analysis became an on-going assignment for the Act Group, along with a role as a business advisor to the client’s management team.
Dispense Equipment Company - Act Group performed a market analysis and upgraded a client’s marketing media, for the purpose of diversifying the client’s target market. The client produces high-end dispense equipment. The market analysis, which identified 25 companies outside of the client’s existing market segment, was a tremendous success. The analysis identified one company with viable interest in purchasing equipment worth $25M as well as companies interested in purchases ranging up to $5M. The marketing media project resulted in five new marketing pieces and brochures as well as a new web site written for search engine optimization.

Retail Medicine Company - A start-up retail medicine company seeking $2M in funding retained Act Group to prepare a business plan for financial institution and investor review. The company had four clinics in operation, with viable opportunities to open approximately 60 more across the State of Ohio. Act Group led the effort and worked with the COO, CFO, and Development Officer in preparing the plan over a 10-day period.