Business Consultant

The key is to focus solely on RESULTS...

About Us

Act Group, LLC was formed in 2001 to provide a full complement of business consulting services for small- to mid-sized companies.

Act Groupís focus is to offer solutions to the every day business opportunities and challenges that our clients face.

Our core management consulting competence lies in our ability to help businesses:

  • Maximize profit
  • Generate growth
  • Develop a sustainable competitive edge

Our clients include:

  • Those needing assistance to take it to the next level
  • Those that are struggling in this challenging economy
  • Entrepreneurs considering starting or buying a business
  • Long-time business owners planning to sell a company
Business Consultant
With the Act Group on your team, you will know that:
  • We focus solely on the value and results for our clients
  • We anticipate and solve problems before they become crises
  • Our business expertise crosses multiple disciplines

With the Act Group on your team, you will realize:
  • Higher revenues and lower costs ( = Higher profits)!
  • Improved process and organizational performance
  • More satisfied customers and employees

With the Act Group on your team, you will have:
  • Confidence in your companyís sustainable future
  • Greater financial success
  • A work-life balance that you control
Business Consultant
Sustainable, profitable growth is the outcome of the correct balance among markets, strategies, organizational capabilities, and leadership.